[nobe-l] Offer of Assistance

David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Wed Dec 19 14:12:02 UTC 2012

I have received the following message, an offer of assistance to a 
blind student, and I know it to be legitimate.  If you have a 
qualifying student and want to submit a proposal, please submit it to 
me at dandrews at visi.com and I will forward it to the proper person.

David Andrews

We have been contacted by a person potentially offering to donate adaptive
technology to a student or students who will use it well and who will not
otherwise be able to obtain it.  Approximately $3,000 worth of equipment can
be made available, which can cover the price of some braille displays,
laptops, tablets and reading devices.  There is a preference for providing
braille hardware, but all requests will be considered.

If you believe you have a student who meets the criteria of potential
effective use and genuine inability to obtain the equipment any other way,
write back to me describing the student and his or her equipment needs,
concisely but informatively.  I will then pass the information on to a
member of the screening committee.

This will be an informal and fairly rapid process.  If the right
candidate(s) are found, they obviously will not receive their new technology
on Christmas, but they might be able to know it is coming, and should
receive it in January.


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