[nobe-l] How to use Microsoft Outlook 2010 with Jaws

David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Mon Jan 16 19:29:21 UTC 2012

It is possible to put JAWS on a thumb drive, or you used to be able 
to buy a dongle from them, a device that plugs into a USB port, and 
allows you to run JAWS from that computer.  Contact your FS dealer, 
and/or look on the freedomscientific.com site.


At 08:51 AM 1/16/2012, you wrote:
>How do you put JAWS on a thumb drive? I've never heard of this and I'm doing
>an internship where I will be working with people from several different
>offices so it would be nice to have the flexibility of putting JAWS on
>different computers as needed.
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>Outlook is an incredibly easy email client to use. I start my students on
>Gmail, so I know they have an Internet based email where they can go
>anywhere and do anything they need to no matter what. They carry JAWS on a
>thumb drive and can plug into Grandma's or their friends' computer when on
>vacation and still connect to the world.
>Outlook needs to be configured to the computer you use, so does not offer
>the flexibility as an Internet based email, however, if you know you will
>only be on 1 or 2 computers and you want something easy to use, Outlook is
>Many business also use Outlook, so I highly suggest learning both Gmail and
>Outlook, just so you will be that much more viable in school, not to mention
>the work field. The more you know, the more possibilities you will have at
>your disposal.
>Here is a video on how easy it is to enter an appointment but even greater
>is a tool for the student to keep track of homework during the day, so they
>and the parents know exactly what needs to be completed when they get
>home--setting bells and reminders that will automatically go off: Dr.
>Robinson teaches-Outlook Calendar with
>For detailed lessons on Outlook and Jaws, go to : Microsoft Outlook 2010
>with Jaws - Import contacts to Outlook, Read, Reply to messages. make a
>folder, an Appointment, a contact and
>Merry Christmas
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