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David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Thu Jan 26 04:13:58 UTC 2012

>The Society for the Blind, in Sacramento, California, is hiring for 
>the position of Communications Instructor II.  Details are listed 
>below.  Please send applications and resumes to:
>Diane  Starin
>Daily Living Skills Instructor Team Lead Society for the Blind
>1238 S Street
>Sacramento, CA 95811
>Email <mailto:dstarin at societyfortheblind.org>dstarin at societyfortheblind.org
>Job Title:                  Communications Instructor II
>(Formerly Braille Instructor)
>Classification:         Non-Exempt/Full-Time
>Reports to:                Daily Living Skills Team Lead
>General Description:  The essential functions of the job are to 
>teach all aspects and levels of Braille and other communication 
>devices used by blind or low-vision clients. Emphasis of instruction 
>is on enhancement of Braille competence and effectiveness with 
>particular focus on independent living as well as employment 
>settings and outcomes.
>    * Consistently achieve high level of excellence in both 
> instruction and productivity.
>    * Instruct small group or individual classes in Braille and 
> other communication devices for blind and low vision clients.
>    * Assess and evaluate clients as to appropriate instructional 
> plan and needs for personal record-keeping by using agency's 
> database as well as Microsoft Word, Excel, and email products.
>    * Teach and/ or demonstrate use of various adaptive devices to 
> download and access Electronic Braille via note-takers &/or Braille displays.
>    * Ensure that the highest levels of Braille speed and accuracy 
> are mastered by a student before completing and being released from 
> the course.
>    * Maintain the most up to date teaching practices with regard to 
> Braille and other communication devices used by individuals who are 
> blind or have low vision such as talking, tactile or 
> visually-enhanced cellular phones; Personal Data Devices; and 
> Braille note-takers.
>    * Create, update, and revise curriculum as needed, with all 
> related materials for submission to the Daily Living Skills Team Lead.
>    * Develop new projects related to Braille and other 
> communication devices with emphasis on both excellent client 
> service and increased revenue.
>    * Coordinate closely with the Daily Living Skills Team Lead and 
> Core Programs Manager to arrange maximum hours of client service 
> and instruction.
>1.    Maintain thorough, complete and timely ongoing weekly and 
>monthly recordkeeping of client services; including, but not limited 
>to, lesson notes, evaluations, progress reports, & correspondence.
>Team building & Networking
>    * Present client issues to supervisor and contribute to ongoing 
> problem solving of such issues while maintaining appropriate confidentiality.
>2.    Consult with other professionals, family members or other 
>appropriate parties regarding the progress and problems of the clients.
>3.    Participate in individual case conferences and confer 
>regularly with program staff on multi-disciplinary service team 
>concerning client's program and adjustment to blindness or vision loss.
>    * Maintain positive and professional relations with counselors 
> of Department of Rehabilitation and other agencies as well as 
> Society clients, staff, and volunteers.
>    * Coordinate effective client service with third-party 
> counselors, such as Department of Rehabilitation.
>1.    Attend all staff and department meetings.
>2.    Adhere to all Society policies and procedures.
>3.    Obtain training to enhance job requirements.
>4.   Stay current in areas of responsibility.
>         5.   Other duties as required.
>1.    Highly skilled in current operating systems, especially current
>2.    Windows and proficient knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel 
>is required.
>3.    Effective communication skills.
>4.    Excellent organizational and time management skills.
>Educational and Experience Requirements:
>1.     High school diploma or G.E.D.
>2.      Minimum two years working experience.

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