[nobe-l] Chat with a Scientist

David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Sat Jul 14 02:44:42 UTC 2012

>On July 26 at 1 p.m. EST the students who are attending Project 
>Innovation will be chatting with Dr. Dean Pesnell, Project Scientist 
>for the Solar Dynamics Observatory. You can join us and chat online 
>with a real scientist! Come learn with Dr. Dean Pesnell and all of 
>the Innovators at the NFB Jernigan Institute! See the email from 
>Jordan Snyder below with details on how you can join in.
>Years ago, scientists discovered vibrations on the surface of the 
>sun. Speculations at the time blamed faulty instruments for the 
>appearance of these vibrations. Later discoveries unexpectedly 
>revealed that these vibrations were created by sound waves, which 
>led scientists to understand the sun in a completely new way. We've 
>spent a lot of time analyzing images of the sun, but by simply 
>listening to these vibrations, we can learn so much about how the 
>sun is made up!
>Join NASA Explorer Schools for a very special live video chat with 
>Dr. Dean Pesnell, Project Scientist for the Solar Dynamics 
>Observatory. Dr. Pesnell will demonstrate how the simple concepts of 
>a pipe organ can show us what we can learn from solar sound waves. 
>He will discuss how sound waves reveal information about the 
>complex, multi-layered machine that is the sun. Join this chat at 1 
>p.m. EST on July 26 to ask Dr. Pesnell questions about his career 
>path, sounds of the sun, science careers for the visually impaired, 
>and anything else you're wondering about NASA!
>To join this chat, visit: 

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