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David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Fri Jun 15 09:51:28 UTC 2012

>Good afternoon!
>My name is Jordan Snyder and I am an Education Specialist with NASA. 
>I am writing this message to make you aware of an opportunity to 
>start using NASA resources to teach the concepts you already teach 
>in your classroom. Through the NASA Explorer Schools project, gain 
>access to some incredible NASA resources that make the connection 
>between STEM concepts taught in the classroom and real world 
>application in outer space, climate change and much much more. More 
>importantly, we offer an audio-based graphing tool called MathTrax 
>that will allow blind students to hear different functions and 
>equations on a graph. When you factor in the recognition 
>opportunities for students and teachers, including all expenses paid 
>3-5 day trips to NASA for tours and research, this free resource is 
>hard to pass up. For more information on the project and how to get 
>registered, check out the informational document I've attached to this message.
>In order to go more in-depth with the NASA resources and 
>opportunities available to you, we've set up a special one-hour 
>informational session on NASA Explorer Schools on August 7th at 7 pm 
>EDT. During this session, I'll go over MathTrax and its capabilities 
>so you can begin using it next school year. If you are interested in 
>this session and learning more about NES and MathTrax, please 
>contact me at <mailto:jordan.snyder at nasa.gov>jordan.snyder at nasa.gov. 
>Once you send that email, I'll add your email address to the list of 
>participants for that session. Late in July, you will receive a link 
>in your email for the session. If you have internet access, you'll 
>just need to click that link and you will be able to join the 
>session on August 7th.
>If you'd like to check out NES on your own you can visit: 
>NES is something I wish I'd had when I was teaching middle school 
>math and I think many of you will find the resources not only 
>useful, but engaging and inspiring to your students!
>Looking forward to hearing back from you about joining our session.
>Best regards,
>Jordan Snyder
>NES Education Specialist
>NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
><mailto:jordan.snyder at nasa.gov>jordan.snyder at nasa.gov

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