[nobe-l] art teacher seeking employment

Jessica Jones jessikajonz at earthlink.net
Wed Mar 14 21:59:20 UTC 2012

my name is Jessica and I am new to this list. am not sure how y'all operate, thought I would take a chance and just jump right in.
I am a certified art education education teacher. became certified in 1999. unfortunately lost my sight in 2002. have consistently taught in both city and state public schools, hospitals, outreach programs, not for profit settlements, etc. as a blind art teacher, I have taught both the blind and the sighted.  I am currently teaching in a school for the blind and multiply handicapped, but am seeking a new position.  a school is not necessary. I have worked with students from the age of 3 up to folks in their eighties. finding a new position is difficult: the current economy, lack of funding for the visual arts, "how could a blind person teach visual art?", "what would the liabilities be with a blind instructor?", "what extra money would have to be put in to adaptive software, sighted assistance?", etc.
if anyone has any suggestions, advice, words of wisdom, they would be so appreciated.
thanks in advance,     
Jessica Jones
Art Instructor
917 806 0288
jessikajonz at earthlink.net

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