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I don't remember the name of the children's book that's biased but I read it
something like 60 years ago. It took place in china and concerned a boy who
was blind but was offered the ability to see in relationship to how virtuous
he was. If he did something that was less-than-admirable, what light he
could see started to fade; if he did something virtuous, he began to see
better in proportion.

In the early 1980's, I was helping a lady studying for an ECE degree and one
of the books she read that was *not* biased was another book taking place in
China, called "the Seeing Stick". It really was pretty good. Where to find
either of these books is beyond me.

Mike Freeman

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Hi all.
I am in my final semester.
Yay Me.

I have two projects that I am asking for help.
I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions about children's books that
are extremely biased.
I need to create a project on both anti-bised and biased children's books.
This way I can do a contrast of them.
this is for my childhood curriculum class.
For the same class I am putting together a teaching unit on in the kitchen.
any suggestions or activities or children's books would be appreciated.
These two projects must be tailored for children 2 to 6.
Finally, any suggestions of articles on children's books are also good as
Thank you all for your help and suggestions.
 Any help wil be apreciated.
Melissa Green  and Pj
"There's a God that loves yo    u, you matter, & you have value & purpose." 
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