[nobe-l] NASA Spring and Summer 2014 Recruitment Letter for Student Interns with Disabilities and Frequently Asked Questions: Please Distribute Far and Wide!

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>If anyone knows people who would benefit from 
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>Subject: NASA Spring and Summer 2014 Recruitment 
>Letter for Student Interns with Disabilities and 
>Frequently Asked Questions: Please Distribute Far and Wide!
>To Prospective NASA Student Interns with Disabilities,
>NASA is looking to increase the number of 
>students with disabilities pursuing science, 
>technology, engineering, and math (STEM) careers 
>through our internship programs. NASA has a 
>two-percent hiring goal for employment of people 
>with disabilities and internships are a good way 
>to get experience. Students can apply for summer 
>2014 internships, starting on Friday, November 
>1, 2013. The deadline for submitting 
>applications is Friday, March 14, 2014, and we 
>will begin extending offers to students as early 
>as Monday, February 3, 2014. We encourage you to 
>apply early because the best opportunities are 
>likely to be filled early. Plus, your likelihood 
>of being selected decreases the longer you wait. 
>You can register for an account and look for 
>internships anytime at the One Stop Shopping 
>Initiative (OSSI): NASA Internships, 
>Fellowships, and Scholarships (NIFS) at 
>http://intern.nasa.gov/. Summer 2014 internships 
>run from early June until early August for 
>college students and from late June until early 
>August for high school students. All student 
>interns get paid. For example, last Summer, at 
>Goddard college students received a stipend of 
>$6000 and high school students $1800. As an 
>intern, you are responsible for your own housing.
>NASA internships for college and high school 
>students are also offered during Spring, Fall 
>and Year Long Sessions. Students can apply for 
>Spring 2014 internship opportunities now! The 
>website and the application process are the same 
>for all NASA internships, regardless of the time 
>of year. The deadline for submitting 
>applications is Friday, October 11, 2013, and we 
>will begin extending offers to students as early 
>as Wednesday, September 11, 2013. Students who 
>are selected for spring internships will receive 
>an offer letter by E-mail sometime after October 
>11, 2013. Students will not be able to see 
>Summer 2014 opportunities until November 1.
>NASA has internships for high school students 
>and for rising freshmen through doctoral 
>students in STEM fields. A rising freshman is a 
>high school student who has been accepted to an 
>accredited institution of higher learning, i.e., 
>a college or university, at the time of the 
>internship. Applicants must be U.S. citizens, 
>with a minimum GPA of 2.8 for college and 3.0 
>for high school; however, applicants must 
>understand that the competition for internships 
>is keen. High school students must be at least 
>sixteen years old at the time the internship begins.
>Internships are available at all NASA centers 
>nationwide. Students can submit a completed 
>application whether they apply to an opportunity 
>or not. However, applying to opportunities has 
>the advantage of allowing applicants to be 
>considered by mentors who work in disciplines of 
>interest and at a particular center. Applicants 
>may apply to as many as fifteen opportunities. 
>For example, an opportunity having to do with 
>the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) will be at 
>the Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland 
>because SDO is located there. Not applying to an 
>opportunity means that prospective interns will 
>be hoping that a mentor happens to read their 
>applications rather than directing their 
>applications to mentors in fields and at centers of interest.
>Students who are selected for summer internships 
>will receive an offer letter by E-mail sometime 
>after February 3, 2014. They will then have five 
>days to either accept or reject the offer 
>through their OSSI: NIFS account. The offer will 
>automatically expire after five days if no action is taken.
>Below is a list of frequently asked questions 
>about applying for NASA internships:
>Frequently Asked Questions About OSSI:NIFS for Student Applicants
>*What does NASA do? In aeronautics, NASA enables 
>a safer, more secure, efficient, and 
>environmentally friendly air transportation 
>system. In human exploration, NASA operates the 
>International Space Station (ISS) and prepares 
>for human exploration beyond low Earth orbit. In 
>science, NASA explores the Earth-Sun system, our 
>own solar system, and the universe beyond. In 
>engineering, NASA designs the aircraft, 
>spacecraft, and scientific instruments that make all of this possible.
>*In what fields are NASA's internship 
>opportunities? NASA has internships in 
>aerospace, chemical, environmental, materials, 
>mechanical, civil, electrical, thermal, systems, 
>optical, robotic and computer hardware and 
>software engineering. Engineers also work in the 
>fields of composites, cryogenics, 
>microelectronics, signal processing, high 
>performance computing , and nanotechnology . Our 
>computer engineers develop artificial 
>intelligence systems, and conduct research into 
>data information and visualization systems 
>technology . NASA computer scientists develop 
>models that help us learn about gravitational 
>astrophysics, study the Earth's oceans, study 
>the Earth's atmosphere, and study the biospheres 
>of other planets. Earth and planetary scientists 
>study the physics and chemistry of the Earth's 
>oceans, the Earth's atmosphere, and the 
>biospheres of other planets and exoplanets, 
>using these models. Astrophysicists use 
>satellites, aircraft, balloons and sounding 
>rockets to conduct research into high energy 
>astrophysics, astroparticle physics, stellar 
>physics, heliophysics, and cosmology. Some of 
>the other areas of study at NASA are radiation, 
>space weather, geodynamics, planetary 
>magnetospheres, geospace physics, and 
>climatology. Remote sensing is crucial to all of 
>this research. Our engineers and scientists work 
>with radio, thermal, infrared, optical, 
>ultraviolet, X-ray, gamma ray, laser, particle, 
>acoustic and many other types of sensors and detectors.
>*Where are NASA internship opportunities 
>located? Internship opportunities are located at 
>NASA centers and field installations all over 
>the country: Ames Research Center, Moffett 
>Federal Airfield, Mountain View, California; 
>Dryden Flight Research Center, Edwards Air Force 
>Base, Los Angeles County, California; Glenn 
>Research Center, Cleveland, Ohio; Goddard 
>Institute for Space Studies, New York City, New 
>York; Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, 
>Maryland; Independent Verification and 
>Validation Facility, Fairmont, West Virginia; 
>Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California; 
>Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas; Kennedy 
>Space Center, Merritt Island, Florida; Langley 
>Research Center, Hampton, Virginia; Marshall 
>Space Flight Center, Huntsville, Alabama; 
>Michoud Assembly Facility, New Orleans, 
>Louisiana; NASA Headquarters, Washington, DC; 
>NASA Shared Services Center at Stennis Space 
>Center, Mississippi; Stennis Space Center, near 
>Bay St. Louis, Mississippi; Wallops Flight 
>Facility, Wallops Island, Virginia; White Sands 
>Complex, Las Cruces, New Mexico; and White Sands 
>Test Facility, Las Cruces, New Mexico.
>*The OSSI Frequently Asked Questions link is 
>*What does OSSI:NIFS stand for? OSSI:NIFS is the 
>One Stop Shopping Initiative for NASA 
>Internships, Fellowships, and Scholarships.
>*Is there an OSSI:NIFS help desk? The help desk 
>E-mail is <MSFC-DL-HelpdeskMSFC at mail.nasa.gov>. 
>The help desk phone is 1-866-419-6297. The help 
>desk hours of operation are 24/7.
>*How do I apply? Here is how to apply. The 
>application is online. You need to go to 
><http://intern.nasa.gov>. Then click on 
>internships. Next click on the 
>register-as-a-student Button. You then need to 
>continue by registering, completing your 
>interest profile, and application. Then, you 
>must search for specific internship 
>opportunities at specific NASA centers and field 
>installations and apply for them. Letters of 
>recommendation are uploaded by the recommender. 
>Your application will not be completed until at 
>least one letter of recommendation is uploaded. 
>This means that you will not be able to apply 
>to, although you will be able to view, specific 
>opportunities until you have at least one letter 
>of recommendation uploaded to the OSSI:NIFS 
>system. The "getting Started" link, visible 
>after you login, should help you as you go 
>through the aforementioned process. Nothing is accepted by snail mail.
>*Are NASA internships for college and high 
>school students also offered during Spring, Fall and Year Long Sessions? Yes
>*Are the website and the application process the 
>same for all NASA internships, regardless of the time of year? Yes
>*I am not currently a student because I either 
>graduated or am taking some time out from 
>school; am I eligible to apply? You must be 
>accepted to an accredited institution of higher 
>learning, i.e., a college or university, at the 
>time of the internship. So, if you don't plan to 
>continue with your formal education next Summer 
>or Fall, I'm sorry to tell you that you would 
>not be eligible to apply for a NASA internship.
>*Can good letters of recommendation really help 
>me land a NASA internship? You will have a 
>better chance of being selected for an 
>internship if you have your recommenders tailor 
>their letters for the specific opportunities 
>that you will be applying to. This is because 
>your recommenders will be explaining to the 
>mentors why your skills will be a good match.
>*How long does a recommender have to submit 
>her/his letter of recommendation? Recommenders 
>receive an E-mail from the OSSI:NIFS system 
>after an applicant enters a recommenders name 
>and other information. This E-mail gives 
>instructions and a link for uploading the letter 
>to an applicant's account. The link is specific 
>with a user name and password. Warning! The link 
>is disabled 20 calendar days after it is sent to 
>the recommender. The applicant must enter the 
>recommender's information again after the 20 calendar days has expired.
>*How do I upload a transcript? What if I want to 
>update the transcript? After logging into your 
>account, click on "My Applications." Then, click 
>on "Education." Go to your college, and click on 
>the "Upload" button, and upload a transcript. 
>Then, save the record. If you want to update the 
>transcript, repeat the aforementioned process, 
>and the old transcript will be overwritten by 
>the new transcript. This change will affect all 
>of the internship opportunities that you applied or will apply to.
>*How do I disclose my disability status if I am 
>a student with a disability? There is a place in 
>the online application process to voluntarily 
>disclose disability status. It is located under 
>"My Applications." Then, click on "General 
>Information." This information is used in order 
>to determine the degree to which members of each 
>disability, ethnic, and racial group are reached 
>by this internship/fellowship program. 
>Additionally, NASA uses information about 
>disability status to provide reasonable 
>accommodation if requested. NASA requests that 
>the student select the appropriate responses. 
>While providing this information is optional, 
>you must select decline to answer if you do not 
>want to provide it. Mentors will not be able to 
>view this information when considering students 
>for opportunities. For more information, please visit the following website:
>*Why can't I find any internship opportunities 
>specifically for students with disabilities? 
>There are no NASA internships specifically for 
>students with disabilities. Students with 
>disabilities compete with other students for our 
>internships. We are making a concerted effort to 
>recruit students with disabilities into our mainstream internship programs.
>*Why do I see so few internship opportunities 
>when I search for them? The OSSI:NIFS system 
>only displays internship opportunities that 
>request students at the grade level that you 
>entered, i.e. the grade level that you will be 
>at the time the internship begins. The way to 
>work around this is to search for opportunities 
>before you log in at 
>A pre-login search will eliminate the 
>grade-level limitation on your search. When you 
>find an opportunity that you wish to apply to, 
>open it and apply. You will be prompted to log 
>in at this point. Do so, and you will be able to 
>apply or add it to your saved opportunities of interest.
>*What is the deadline for applying? The deadline 
>for submitting applications is Friday, March 15, 
>2013, and we will begin extending offers to 
>students as early as February 2, 2013.
>*What is the minimum GPA in order to qualify for 
>a NASA internship? A minimum GPA of 2.8 is 
>required for college students and 3.0 for high 
>school students. However, applicants must 
>understand that the competition for internships is keen.
>*What is the minimum age for an intern? High 
>school students must be at least sixteen years 
>old at the time the internship begins. There is 
>no upper age limit for college students.
>*When and for how long do Summer 2013 
>internships run? Summer 2013 internships run 
>from June 3 until August 9 for college students 
>and from June 24 until August 2 for high school students.
>*Do I get paid? Yes, all student interns get 
>paid. For example, at Goddard college students 
>receive a stipend of $6000 and high school students $1800.
>*What do I do for housing? You will not be 
>assigned housing. You must find it on your own. 
>We do have lists of places that other students 
>have stayed. However, we do not recommend 
>specific housing. You will be expected to find 
>and pay for your own housing out of your stipend.
>*Do I need to be a United States citizen to 
>apply? Yes. Having a green card does not qualify 
>someone as a U.S. citizen for purposes of this 
>program. Please go to the following link to 
>learn about internship opportunities for foreign citizens:
>*I'm having browser problems; what should I do? 
>We can offer some suggestions on what to do 
>without knowing what browser of OS the student 
>is using. First, if they are using IE 9, please 
>click on the Compatibility View, located on the 
>Address bar. If they are using IE 8, please 
>click on the Compatibility View, located under 
>tools on the menu bar. This should correct the 
>display. If they are using Firefox 5, try typing 
>in the entire institution name and then tab down 
>to get the address to fill completely. If 
>neither of these work, please use the OSSI 
>Information Center (OIC) to submit the technical inquiry at the following link:
>*I'm having trouble selecting a college; what 
>should I do? When selecting a college, don't put 
>anything in the edit field for the school, and 
>just click search. You will then see a section 
>at the bottom of the page that allows you to 
>select a school, city, and state. Put in the 
>city and state. Again, leave the school field 
>blank. The website will give you a list of 
>schools in that city and state as links. Just 
>click on the school that you want, and it should 
>be entered as your school in the original edit field.
>*I'm a high school student, and I don't have a 
>college to enter yet: what should I do? Just 
>write in a college that you think that you would 
>like to attend. You will be asked for your high 
>school later on in the application process.
>*Should I apply to all opportunities which look 
>interesting to me at the same time, or 
>sequentially by my priority interest? The choice 
>is yours. You can apply to a maximum of 15.
>*If I apply to multiple internship opportunities 
>at the same time, would I only receive an offer 
>from one? You may get an offer from more than 
>one opportunity. However, once you accept an 
>offer. You cannot accept anymore offers. You are committed.
>*Do all internship opportunities reply at the 
>same time if I apply for them concurrently? No.
>*Does NASA only have Summer internships? NASA 
>internships for college students are also 
>offered during Spring, Fall, and Year-Long 
>Sessions. the OSSI system 
><http://intern.nasa.gov> is the site to look for 
>and apply to all NASA internships. The process 
>is the same for all our internships.
>*Are NASA internships only for students with 
>disabilities? No. Students with disabilities 
>compete with other students for internships. 
>Disclosure of one's disability, during the 
>application process, is only seen by the Office 
>of Education. The mentors, who select their 
>students, do not have access to this 
>information. We use information about a 
>student's disability to provide reasonable 
>accommodation in a timely manner if reasonable accommodation is requested.
>*For whom does NASA have internships? NASA has 
>internships for high school students and for 
>rising freshmen through doctoral students in 
>STEM fields. A rising freshman is a high school 
>student who has been accepted to an accredited 
>institution of higher learning, i.e., a college 
>or university, at the time of the internship.
>*Where are NASA internships located? Internships 
>are available at all NASA centers and field 
>installations nationwide. Students can submit a 
>completed application whether they apply to an 
>opportunity or not. However, applying to 
>opportunities has the advantage of allowing 
>applicants to be considered by mentors who work 
>in disciplines of interest and at a particular 
>center. Applicants may apply to as many as 
>fifteen posted opportunities. For example, an 
>opportunity having to do with the Solar Dynamics 
>Observatory (SDO) will be at the Goddard Space 
>Flight Center in Maryland because SDO is located 
>there. Not applying to an opportunity means that 
>prospective interns will be hoping that a mentor 
>happens to read their applications rather than 
>directing their applications to mentors in fields and at centers of interest.
>*I applied to various opportunities. Will there 
>be an interview before an offer is made? No. 
>There will not be an interview before an offer 
>is made. However, a mentor may contact you if 
>she or he wishes for more information or to discuss your application.
>*What happens if I am selected for an 
>internship? Students who are selected for summer 
>internships will receive an offer letter by 
>E-mail sometime after February 1, 2013. They 
>will then have five days to either accept or 
>reject the offer through their OSSI: NIFS 
>account. The offer will automatically expire 
>after five days if no action is taken. Offers 
>will be made from February 2, 2013, until all 
>internship positions will have been filled. This 
>continuous process may take until early May. So, 
>you may receive an offer at any time during this period.
>*What happens if I am not selected for an 
>internship? You will receive an E-mail after all 
>interns are selected for the session to which 
>you applied, i.e., Summer, Fall, Spring, year 
>long. This E-mail will notify you that you were not selected.
>Please feel free to contact me for more information or help with applying.
>Kenneth A. Silberman, Esq.
>U.S. Supreme Court, Maryland, & Patent Bars B.A., M.Eng., J.D.
>NASA Engineer & Registered Patent Attorney 
>Office of Education, Code 160 NASA/GSFC Mailstop 
>160, Bldg. 28, Rm. N165, Greenbelt, MD 20771, USA
>Voice: (301) 286-9281
>Fax: (301) 286-1655
>E-mail: kenneth.a.silberman at nasa.gov
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