[nobe-l] Emailing

Szostak, Christine szostak.1 at buckeyemail.osu.edu
Sun Dec 28 07:09:37 UTC 2014

HI All,
  First, my sincere apology for the somewhat OT question, but I am in a bit of a pintch and since this does  relate to dealing with emailing which does  relate to being able to read/respond to the list, I just wondered if anyone could help. I would not normal do this on this list, but am just really stuck.

  My MS outlook has decided to toatally give up on me and I am looking for another JAWS-accessible email client that I can trust and that can work with Microsoft exchange. If anyone has recommendations, if you could please email me off-list (

szostak.1 at osu.edu

so the list does not get cluttered that would be great. Dealing with email directly from the web is proving quite cumbersome with JAWS:).
Have a great holiday everyone and again my apologies for the OT subject.

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