[nobe-l] Need more Advice

Hyde, David W. (ESC) via nobe-l nobe-l at nfbnet.org
Thu May 29 13:08:28 UTC 2014

I agree with Frank. In another position, I too served as union president. I also served as shop steward. This was a long time ago, when unions and states actually did negotiate things, a climate which has changed in at least my state. My advice would be, however, to file the complaint. If the district did, in fact use it to affect the negotiations, then they might very well open themselves up to an NRLB or at least a state labor complaint. The public fall out that this would cause would cost them more than agreeing to the accommodations. Finally, if they did bring it into the negotiations, or even appeared to, you would have the opportunity to turn things on their heads, and raise it publicly, and as an additional item at the bargaining table. How about inserting that the district will comply with all provisions and policies of the American's with Disabilities Act as a statement in the bargaining? Then you would have the problem solved both coming and going. Good luck. If you need help, we're here for you.

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