[nobe-l] being a teacher and having to compromise on beliefs

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Here's how I would look at it if I were in a similar position. As a TVI, my 
job would not be to agree or disagree with the documents I'm transcribing. 
My job would be simply to translate the already written words into a 
language the student can read. After all, I'm not writing it, I'm just 
transcribing it, word for word. It would be the same as if you were reading 
it out loud, you'd just be reading the words that were written, acting as 
the student's eyeballs.

I approached my education the same way. In philosophy or psychology or other 
subjects, I did sometimes read things from philosophers or scientists that I 
didn't agree with. But my job wasn't to agree with them. I knew I was being 
tested on what they believed, so I learned that information. It did not 
dictate or matter if I agreed with it or not. I just learned what they 
believed because that was what I was going to be tested on. (I have known 
people who had trouble absorbing a certain topic because they didn't agree 
with it. But I was able to keep the two things seperate -- my own beliefs vs 
the info I was reading about what someone else thought.)

Hope this helps,

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> Hello,
> my name is Kayla James. I'm 22 and think I have a call to teach. I do
> not know whether to become a TVI or just a regular teacher though. I
> just know that I'd like to work with kids.
> As I was considering the career of TVI (Annie Sullivan and Samuel Howe
> are some of my heroes in this area) a question came to my mind. TVI's
> (I know from experience of being student to quite a few) work in
> public and state schools. What if a student of mine (perhaps somewhere
> between third and fifth grade) brings a Science test to me and needs
> it transcribed. And what if it has something to do with Evolution in
> it.
> Now, I am a conservative Christian and stand firmly on the grounds of
> Creation. If I transcribe that test and hand it to that child, what am
> I saying to that child? As much as I'd love to work with kids and
> being totally blind myself, I know I'd do very well at this job, but
> Jesus Christ must come first in my work.
> If I become a regular school teacher I could go to a Christian school
> and work and not have to worry. But I guess I am asking this to all of
> the TVI's who do not mind sharing their religious convictions about
> it.
> I also have a question about become a vision rehabilitation
> teacher/therapist (however you phrase it). I get the joys of TVI life,
> but are there VRT's that work with children? Please help.
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