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If you are thinking of becoming a nurse, you should check out national organization of nurses with disabilities
Also, have you thought about a career in the human services sector?

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> I think I will be a teacher and work at the Chicago Lighthouse nearby.
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>> I have been a nanny, and while it is doable it really depends on if you
>> live
>> in the city, do you have public transportation available? What
>> responsibilities does the family wish for you to carry out? One of my nanny
>> jobs wanted me to take their child to a music class and it was walking
>> distance away, and the library which was a short bus trip away and I did
>> these things. Another wanted short walks, and for me to care for their
>> child
>> soly in their home and the local park. We also went in their back yard to
>> play. Also how confident in your blindness skills are you? I can walk in
>> any
>> home, and preferably with a quick tour around can care for any child, cook
>> and clean any meal, but not all blind people have this skill set. When you
>> come into a home can you be independent. Do you have the advocacy skills to
>> ask if you may label their microwave and washer. I didn't like being a
>> nanny, and while not for the reasons heather listed, but rather I wanted to
>> do my dishes and fold my own laundry while the children in my care slept
>> not
>> someone else's. I care for children in my home now as a licensed child care
>> home in MI. I just wrote an article for future reflections that is in the
>> most current issue. If you search my name on the NFB site that is the first
>> thing that comes up.
>> I have heard of a blind nurse over the years, but they are usually private
>> nurses that work in homes where they can use all of their talking tools to
>> get the job done. I would not be willing to go through all that training
>> for
>> the lowest paying nurse job. I'd be very interested to know of blind nurses
>> in the mainstream field in hospitals and doctors' offices.
>> Bran
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