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Ashley Bramlett bookwormahb at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 1 02:09:04 UTC 2015

I think in person tutoring is much easier. No need to mess with the computer 
and it may slow you down as you have more keystrokes to do the same task 
you'd do with a mouse. but, you can use skype if you want to pursue this. 
Simply use the shortcut keystrokes for the program to use it.
Not all features are accessible, but you can answer calls and call people.


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I'm sinned up as an instructor on takelessons.  I signed up as an
online teacher in addition to teaching in person at my local
library.  However, I have not had much luck with any of the
online services such as skype or google hangouts.  With google
hangouts, a google account is required which not all students
have.  I can't use facetime because I don't have an ios device
and really am not in a position to get one right now.  The skype
scripts don't seem to help, so I really get frustrated with skype
and basically can't do anything.  Therefore, would it be in my
best interest to only teach in person or is there another
mainstream that is more accessible with JAWS? I'm using a pc by
the way.
Thank you,
Kelsey Nicolay

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