[nobe-l] Questions regarding Powerschool and Google Classroom

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  I am a Window Eyes girl, but Powerschool has always been inaccessible for 
me in the gradebook portion. You are right that attendance is fine, but not 
the gradebook.

Kathy Nimmer
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I am a week into my first teaching position and have encountered
accessability issues with two programs.
Our school uses PowerSchool, to take attendance and record grades.
The attendance section is accessible and works well with JAWS.
However, the Gradebook section is completely inaccessible.  JAWS read
nothing this morning, when I tried to access the program.  Has anybody
used the Gradebook application, within PowerSchool?
Regarding Google Classroom, I used it successfully last year.
However, when I tried to use it today, the "Create Assignment,"
section did not have a link to click.  I do not know if Google updated
the program since I used it last.  Does anybody have ideas, or know of
keyboard commands, to make Google Classroom more user-friendly with
Thank you so much for any assistance.

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