[nobe-l] Easy IEP and Skyward

Domonique Lawless dlawless86 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 1 23:02:26 UTC 2015

Hi everyone,
I am a blind braille teacher working in Tennessee. The school that I work at currently uses two programs. One program is Easy IEP which is a computer-based IEP management program. I have tried using this program with both JAWS and voice over and it is completely inaccessible.

The second program we are using is called Skyward. It is a program for grading, keeping attendance, and managing student schedules. I have yet to try it with voiceover on a Mac however, it is somewhat accessible with JAWS. Skyward also has an app for I devices which is accessible but somewhat limited in comparison to the desktop version.

I was wondering if there were any blind TVi's or other blind educators who have had experience with these programs. I am trying to collect data about people's experiences with these programs and their accessibility. If you use easy IEP, what was your experience like? Are there any IEP management programs that are accessible using a screen reader? If you have used skyward, what were your excess ability challenges? What advice do you have to recommend in regard to this product?

Please feel free to email me off list with your responses. I appreciate any help that you can offer. 

Domonique Lawless
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