[nobe-l] Technology help for students and teachers--accessing education

Dr. Denise M Robinson deniserob at gmail.com
Fri Oct 23 15:14:42 UTC 2015

Many of my students are using a Common Core Civics book and other secured
books that you can only listen. Many emails on this issue for help.
Students need to listen but also they need to jump to, copy and paste info
and answer questions. This is how you make inaccessible secured documents
accessible: Access secured inaccessible PDF and other image files

The time has come and the demand is great from TVIs and blind people alike
asking for ongoing classes, whether to learn themselves or follow along
with a student. These courses will allow access to what they or you are
learning in school right now and how to go about accessing education.
Technology Classes --Coming Soon to students and teachers

A great site for Nemeth Worksheets
<http://www.yourtechvision.com/content/nemeth-worksheets> --download and
emboss out what you need for your students.

Need help--have an AT Teacher on your shoulder for ASAP assistance:
of how to use Skype with Jaws scripts to communicate with students

Senior Projects are always a great road to travel. I love watching students
take complete control over a computer--just watch those fingers fly: Blind
Student Demonstrates PowerPoint for Senior Project

Another lesson on making inaccessible print accessible with a tiny little
scanner that can go anywhere and do just about anything: Small Portable
scanner with talking software OCR for blind access

Keep the emails coming--we are so happy to help in any  issue

Have a great weekend
*Dr Denise*

Denise M. Robinson, TVI, Ph.D.
CEO, TechVision, LLC
Specialist in Technology/Training/Teaching for blind/low vision/virtual
instruction for schools
Also Private training to your needs

Website with hundreds of informational articles & lessons on PC, Office
products, Mac, iPad/iTools and more, all done with
keystrokes: www.yourtechvision.com

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