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David Moore jesusloves1966 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 14 21:01:12 UTC 2016

I am blind, and I just signed up for the group on my Facebook account. I 
have done so very much to educate the sighted about what the blind is 
capable of doing. In my own life, I am around sighted people constantly and 
have many sighted friends. To have many sighted friends is the best way to 
educate. My wife is also sighted, and I have taught her how to use the 
iPhone with Voice Over. My friends forget that I am even blind, and they 
give me something to read. I use my iPhone and all other technology to the 
fullest, so I know what is on the menu before we get to the restaurant, for 
example. In the car, I tell everyone what I read on the menu and suggest 
things they should get. I use NVDA, JAWS, and Narrator to navigate the 
computer in every way. NVDA can do a lot, because you can use it to move the 
mouse pointer with the arrow keys and hear what the pointer is over. You can 
find out the position of the pointer, and save that position so you can move 
the pointer right to that spot. I use win10 on my PCs, and it is great. I 
have played around with Linux, and Ubuntu. I also am trying to learn the 
newest Android phones. I will post videos of me doing all of this. I do MP3 
tutorials all of the time for tech lists. I have always wondered why TV 
shows do not have blind people acting so normal on the show that their 
blindness is not mentioned. For example, why aren't there sit coms that show 
blind children going out on dates, going to their regular public school with 
their brothers and sisters, and interacting with others just like a sighted 
person. If this was done on TV, sighted people would realize that blindness 
is nothing. I do not care, most of the time, that I am blind, and I am proud 
of it. My life does not revolve around it at all. Many days, I do not 
mention my blindness at all to anyone, because it never comes up. This is 
how all blind people need to try to be. We need to blend in with the 
sighted, and educate them by being friends with them, and doing a lot of 
what they do, like going to sporting events with a radio and so on. Take 
care, all, and let us keep showing the world that we can be just like a 
sighted person, even though we are blind. We accomplish the same goals, we 
just have a different way of getting there like assistive technology, using 
a cane or dog, and so on. Most sighted people I know really enjoy learning 
about how I do things. I Have a personality where I can talk to any stranger 
just like a casual friend, so that helps so much. People tell me that they 
feel like they have been friends with me after I talk with them a few 
minutes. Take care, all
David Moore

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I believe that blind and sighted people can learn a great deal about
blindness and the blind by the videos that they post out there on the
net. If you think you could help out posting videos on blindness or
sharing other peoples' videos or are interested in viewing them, feel
free to look a facebook group up as:
Videos by the blind
or click the link below and open the join group button. Feel free to
also spread this to others.

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