[nobe-l] internet instructional ideas

Kelsey Nicolay kelseynicolay1989 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 23 23:41:13 UTC 2016

Hi Ashley,
I also considering tutoring assistive technology.  These are 
great questions.  I think your idea of assigning a website and 
having your student find a certain article is a solid one, but 
another thing you might try is have your student find an article 
about something they are interested in and write a summary about 
it.  This would also give the student practice in using Word.  
Regarding teaching materials, it's not exactly a textbook, but 
Freedom Scientific has something called Surf's Up.  It's an 
interactive guide that explains the concepts in a logical order 
and the practice exercises use sample web pages.  I don't have 
the exact web address, but if you go to Freedom Scientific's 
webpage, I think it's under training.  Hope this helps.
Thank you,
Kelsey Nicolay

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