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Glad to know I'm not the only one wondering this.
I'd like to use a textbook, but most texts are for sighted users with 
references to the mouse.
I am considering purchasing the Windows 7 book written by national braille 
Press, NBP.
This is sort of a textbook since it has various chapters about the windows 7 
operating system; how it works like the start menu and file management.

The big challenge is to find websites to practice on. I can find sites to 
demonstrate the concepts.
But I need simple sites with simple navigation for the student.
Majority of websites are cluttered and not as usable to a screen reader.
If I do not pick some simple sites, the person will be too frustrated and 
overwelmed. I need to start out with things where she can be successful and 
build confidence. Will there be a little frustration?
Yes, certainly. But not as much as sites with hundreds of links and 

I like  your idea of writing something on Word, but I think that is for 
later. I think it may be too overwelming at this point to do so much at 
So far one of the best sites is the AFB site; it has several articles on it 
and they are laid out well with headings.
If you do tutor technology, I hope it goes well. It is pretty fun so far.
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Hi Ashley,
I also considering tutoring assistive technology.  These are
great questions.  I think your idea of assigning a website and
having your student find a certain article is a solid one, but
another thing you might try is have your student find an article
about something they are interested in and write a summary about
it.  This would also give the student practice in using Word.
Regarding teaching materials, it's not exactly a textbook, but
Freedom Scientific has something called Surf's Up.  It's an
interactive guide that explains the concepts in a logical order
and the practice exercises use sample web pages.  I don't have
the exact web address, but if you go to Freedom Scientific's
webpage, I think it's under training.  Hope this helps.
Thank you,
Kelsey Nicolay

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