[nobe-l] Penny Wars: Bring Your Dough

Arthur Jacobs ajacobs633 at aol.com
Mon Jun 27 01:05:27 UTC 2016

The following is a message from now. We will be participating in their Penny Wars.


Subject: The student division invites you to participate in the 2016 Penny Wars

Good morning,
This year, NABS is hosting its 2nd annual Penny Wars Fundraiser and we want all national divisions to join us in a friendly competition.
How it works:
We provide the buckets, we provide the table, and you provide the ammo!
The National Association of Blind Students will have buckets for each participating division set up at our Exhibit Hall table throughout all times when the hall is open.

Every bucket will be collecting money toward or against that division. If you throw pennies in a bucket, that brings that division negative points. The silver and paper brings positive points.

Once the week ends, we will count up all divisions’ points and we'll have three winners (based on division size, NOBE is in the Small Class). The first place division, with the most points, will take home fifty percent of the total for their weight class and NABS will take the other half! Winners will be announced during the banquet!

We will have a NABS Fundraising Committee member bring your division's bucket to your Annual Meeting. So, be sure to bring your ammo for the Penny Wars!
Kathryn Webster
Treasurer/Secretary | National Association of Blind Students

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