[nobe-l] Important: College juniors and seniors who are blind or low vision

Kathy goldendolphin17 at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 5 13:58:03 UTC 2016


I am writing to request hearing from college juniors or seniors who are blind or low vision and who are majoring in elementary or secondary education, not special education. ETS, the governing body who creates a million standardized tests including teacher licensing tests, is seeking to form a focus group including one slot for a blind or low vision  upper college student majoring in elementary or secondary ed who is moving toward graduation and thus facing licensing tests. They are modifying the format of the tests for everyone and need to have input on how to make the new test accessible.

If you fit the profile above and are interested in learning more about this possible opportunity to help shape future teacher licensing tests, please write me off list at
Goldendolphin17 at hotmail.com<mailto:Goldendolphin17 at hotmail.com>
I will gather responses there and tell you more about the focus group, rather than clog this list with information. Please write me in the next day or two as ETS wants to move fairly quickly on forming this focus group. Let's say write me back no later than Monday evening. Thanks..

Kathy Nimmer and Nacho

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