[nobe-l] Fwd: RE: Help a blind exchange student

David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Fri Nov 11 21:58:55 UTC 2016

>I work for a nonprofit organization that designs educational 
>exchange programs for international students. These students learn 
>about American culture and values firsthand by living with an 
>American host family and attending an American high school for a 
>year. We place these students in communities throughout the U.S.
>We have a student arriving in late January named Effy from Malaysia 
>who is visually impaired. She wants to be a clinical psychologist 
>and enjoys a wide range of activities including debate, foreign 
>films, singing, acting, track and field, swimming, and camping. Her 
>exchange program, the YES Program, is sponsored by the U.S. 
>Department of State, which means Effy underwent a rigorous screening 
>and application process-the acceptance rate for the program is only 
>3% out of tens of thousands of applicants.
>We are hoping to spread information about Effy to people who may be 
>interested in hosting her to give her the full American experience! 
>If you feel this is something that may interest your group, I would 
>be pleased to speak with you further and provide additional 
>information about this student.
>Amanda Morgan
>American Councils for International Education
>Phone: 202-833-7522
>amorgan at americancouncils.org

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