[nobe-l] public vs. private schools

Ashley Bramlett bookwormahb at earthlink.net
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excellent advice,  Valeria. While private schools may not have the money to 
spend on accommodations and there is less legal protection for employees 
with disabilities, we should not rule them out. Where your strengths and 
interests lie is the most important.
You have to consider the culture of the school too in deciding where to 
work. Many public schools are now overcrowded, have few rules on the dress 
code, and have gang/violence problems. Private schools will not have these 
problems, generally speaking. Generally, students will be of wealthier 
backgrounds given their parents pay for it.

I also think an open minded private school administration will be fine for a 
blind person to work. They can bend the rules for you and also let you bring 
in aids such as magnifiers and technology that a public school may not 
allow. I say this because public schools have rules and regulations as to 
what teachers and staff can and cannot bring into the school. Also there are 
policies in place and there may be many bearacractic
layers to jump through to make exceptions or secure accommodations. A 
private school will certainly have its policies, rules and regulations too, 
but just thinking that they may be less of a hastle to jump through to 
secure accommodations.

I  was thinking of applying to some private schools myself as a teacher's 
aid as I do not have my teaching degree but may get it someday.
I'd love to hear from any people here who did work at a private school.
Given that Kayla wants to work with a specific population, she said she 
prefers small groups, and she has deep Christian values, I think a private 
Christian school may be a good fit for her. I recall she asked on this list 
a year or so back if she had to teach evolution as a TVI even though she 
personally does not believe in evolution.
Generally speaking, private schools have smaller classes and less discipline 
problems and stricter codes of conduct. They also are free to impose any 
values they want to, religious or otherwise, on their students.
So that might suit Kayla well given what she has expressed she is looking 
for in a job.
Just some thoughts.

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Hi Kayla,

I just wanted to make one more point on this topic. When looking for a job, 
it's important to look for a placement that you feel is going to address 
your needs best. However, don't let that limit you. Aim for a placement 
where you feel that your strength and your interests lie. And I say that 
because there may be a private school that is perfectly suited to your needs 
and strengths as a teacher. It just may be more of skewer. Keep us all 


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> Thank you all for helping. I am sorry I keep asking the same questions
> over and over on this list. Thank you all for continuing to help.
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