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Hello, Tara,
	I have not had a student like this, as I am not teaching 
yet.  However, all I can say is to try to talk to the student, 
letting him know that even though he's having a problem, you 
might be able to make it better.  Tell him that if he tells you 
what is wrong, you can help him fix it.  If you speak in a 
calming way, it might work.


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Hello all,

I have a student in my class this year who has a sensory 
processing disorder.  Lately, he has been physically aggressive 
i.e.  kicking, hitting, tripping, pushing, and spitting towards 
students and staff.  The paraprofessional in my room typically 
takes over when he becomes physically aggressive, but I feel it 
is unfair for her or other staff to always intervene.  Because I 
have no usable vision, it is more difficult for me to grab an arm 
or step out of the way of an attack before putting him into the 
proper hold.  I'd like to do more to help in these situations, 
but this student is large for a 10-year-old and has left bruises, 
scratches, etc and I worry about worsening the situation.  Has 
anyone had a student like this, and what did you typically do in 
these situations?


Tara Abella

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