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Frederick R. Prete, Ph.D. fprete at sbcglobal.net
Tue Dec 12 19:55:42 UTC 2017


I am a Biology Prof at Northeastern Illinois University. I began my teaching career working with young, special needs children many of whom had vision loss, my father was blind, and I have vision loss due to glaucoma. So, I have some sense of the challenges that vision loss has in education.

That said, I have been working with our Student Disability Services at NEIU to develop curricula that would increase access to our science and math courses for students with visual impairments. I would very much appreciate any advise, suggestions, or thoughts that you all could share with me to help us begin this project.

For instance, are there specific technologies or software programs that you find particularly helpful, is it effective for a course to have a YouTube channel with all of the lectures recorded, are there particular laboratory techniques or equipment that you have found particularly effective (or not)?

Any and all suggestions, opinions, or comments would be helpful as we explore ways to increase accessibility here at NEIU.

Thanks in advance,
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