[nobe-l] Early childhood education or elementary education

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I hope you have decided on a major right for you. My thought is the 
elmentary ed degree will give you more flexibility in what to teach and whom 
to teach. Early childhood typically focuses on K through3 grades.

As for after school programs, you generally just need some college 
education, some experience with children, and a clear criminal record.
Day cares usually do not require a degree in education. So, you could 
probably do that now. It would be good experience. I hope your blindness 
would not be a factor in watching kids. Its worth a try.


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I am still trying to decide between which bachelors to get. I have it in 
early childhood or elementary education that one. What I wanted to know is, 
why did the kids have afterschool programs? And if you want to teach in 
those after school programs, do you need an elementary education degree or 
early childhood?  Sorry, I meant to say daycare's.
I also wanted to update everyone on this list. I will be volunteering in a 
Christian school for their summer program. I am very excited.  I also intend 
to write over the summer, but I decided that if I choose teaching as a 
career, I could work with children and still write on the side.
I also wanted to know has anyone gotten their degree later on in life? I 
will be getting mine either at age 27 or 28. Feeling kind of low about that.
Thanks, guys.

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