[nobe-l] Where do grades come from

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That would be a Google historical look-up.  Lots of schools back then did
not go past the eighth grade, but that would be an interesting subject.

When I was going to school, grades 7 and 8 in the single A schools, maybe
Double A but not sure, were the junior high.  In larger schools, junior high
went through 9th grade.

Then in the 70s the 6th through 8th grades were called middle school, but
some of those went into the 9th grade.  Again, a good historical look-up.

European school systems are even different.  When we lived in Germany, after
the 5th grade, parents and their kids sat down with school officials to look
at the best track for the student.  Would they go academic or vocational?
One had to figure out right then the educational future for their kid, not
that you couldn't change later on, but some major decisions were made for
kids at that young age.  They still went to school after 5th grade, but the
future outlook was vocational or academic.



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I found out that primary grades were one through fourth grade in the 1800s.
Why is it different now?
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