[nobe-l] First day volunteering

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I can see where it would be difficult when something like that happens.  Not
impossible to overcome, though.  It sounds like you were in an open setting
with a bunch of other activities going on?  Just a guess.

Is there a designated confined area for reading and math?  Do you have a
designated length of time to help a group of kiddos?

Also, have you had a chance to become familiar with the area where you are
working i.e. the classroom or part of the school?

It's hard to know how to respond without knowing more, but take into account
that first days can be trying in and of themselves.  Another thing, are you
around the kids otherwise where they can get to know you?

Volunteering helps you to get a feel for teaching, but not quite the same as
having control over your classroom.  Are your duties and who you report to
clearly laid out?

Just some thoughts.


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I began volunteering today. I helped four first graders with reading and
Math. It went okay, but suddenly all of my students got up and left. I felt
embarrassed and had to ask the "teacher" to bring them back.
All of the teachers were college kids like me, but none were interested in
being teachers.
I felt drained when I left there. Once again, I wondered if I was cut out to
Will update again the next time I go.

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