[nobe-l] Conference call, WhatsApp and blindness materials

Catherine Mendez caitryl at gmail.com
Sat Mar 4 19:29:06 UTC 2017

There are a couple of reasons why the educators board and those attending last year's national division meeting decided to go for a conference call format rather than to work with a chatting app.

First, with a conference call, we can set an agenda, like with our national division meetings. This will help keep the conversations on topic, and timely.

The second reason is because, believe it or not, not everyone uses a smart phone, or is comfortable using group chatting applications. We wanted to use a platform that was as accessible to as many people as we could.

Finally, there was the question of whether or not the output of any chat conversation would be really that much different than the conversations  on the list. The formats are so similar, even though the timing might be slightly different.

All of that being said, the educators board is meeting tomorrow evening, and I am looking forward to setting a date and an agenda for our upcoming conference call! We will keep you all posted as soon as possible.

On a completely different note, Nasser, have you contacted the NFB National office in Baltimore regarding the materials you were attempting to collect?  They may be able to contribute, and if for some reason they are not, they may be able to point you in the direction of folks who are. The main number is 410-659-9314. 

Cayte Mendez
President, National Organization of Blind Educators
A division of The National Federation of the Blind

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