[nobe-l] Feedback on tactile info

adrijana prokopenko adrijana.prokopenko at gmail.com
Tue Mar 7 20:34:12 UTC 2017

 This message comes from the American printing house for the blind.

Tactile Graphics for Health Education
To all teachers of students with visual impairments (TVIs) who teach
health education and related topics:
Please suggest ideas for health education tactile graphics to
accompany a teacher’s guidebook that covers the following topics:
• Diet and Nutrition
 Nutrients, measuring portion sizes, food labels, body image
• Personal Health
  Personal hygiene & grooming; medical maintenance; physical activity
& health; mental, emotional & social health
• Sex Education
 Anatomy & physiology; sexuality and birth control; sexually
transmitted diseases
•  Diseases and Disease Prevention
 Communicable diseases; noncommunicable diseases; seeking medical help, vaccines
• Injury Prevention and Safety
 Water, gun, and fire safety; CPR & first aid; social media; travel safely
E-mail all suggestions to Monica Vaught-Compton at mvaught at aph.org

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