[nobe-l] Special Education Student Teaching Questions

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Thu Mar 16 23:28:35 UTC 2017

Hello all,

This was my first week and my special education placement for student teaching. Based on my observations and working with students so far, I have a few questions.

1: how do you go about administering standardized tests? The state wide tests that were administered this week were delivered in an envelope right before the test began. Parts of the test needed to be read aloud to students and some students required the Scantron to be filled in for them.
2: how do you handle aggressive behaviors? I currently have a student with autism who hits, flails, and kicks during melt downs. How do I ensure both of our safety during these episodes?
3: how do you teach writing to a relatively non-verbal student? I have a first grader who needs One on one interventions during grammar, but has very poor communication skills so would not be able to read what she has written to me.



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