[nobe-l] Highlighting Features of Mount Everest

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Hello Tina,

Have you considered using papier mache?
One of my school teachers used this material and very successfully made 
relief maps and models to demonstrate various geological features.
I believe it would work for you to model the various features which you 
Just a thought.


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As you may know, I am working on a model of Mount Everest with a small team
for our state's BELL program.

We have two approaches we're looking at: using clay and doing it ourselves
and 3-d printing.

Whatever approach we take, we have a problem. How do we highlight some of
the features Eric and his team hit on the south route?

Our size is 15 by 15 by 20 inches, which is still big enough to show these
features, and also good enough for travel.

My team and I will make a decision tomorrow as to which path we should take.
Whatever we do, here's the list of features we hope to highlight.

Khumbu Ice Fall

Camps 1-4 on south route

Base camp

South Col


Yellow Band

Jeneva Spir

South summit


Hillary step

Lhotse face

Western Cwm

The Cornice Traverse

I'm concerned that we may have too many features, but these are the ones we
came up with. We have some experts working on descriptions, and we've found
a way to notate them. We know we can't use Braille on the model itself, so
we're probably going to use one of the voice labeling devices to record the

So if any of you have suggestions for highlighting these features, we could
use your advice. Is this list too long? Is it necessary to drop some of the
features? How can we do this if we go with 3-d printing versus doing it
ourselves? My team and I are stuck on this and could use your help. Thanks.

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