[nobe-l] Starting out on a braille display

Jasmine Kotsay jasmine.kotsay at gmail.com
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Hi, Alison!
	I would definitely suggest a BrailleNote Apex.  This gives 
the student a way to read books and his own papers, and documents 
that teachers produce can be downloaded via email, flash drive, 
or on an Sd card.  It also allows him, if the need arises, to use 
the GPS (provided that the school will buy that part for him.) It 
also has dictionary capability, but the school must buy that 
portion as well.  I have a BrailleNote BT 32, and I use it for 
everything, from reading beffwriting and sending and receiving 
	Something I would also suggest is a braille display that 
hooks up to an iPad, although while this is cheaper, it would 
mean two pieces of technology.  Freedom Scientific has a Focus 14 
braille display that I find is awesome! I have never had one, but 
was able to have an experience with one.  There are other braille 
displays that are very thin as well, but again, these would mean 
having to have two pieces of technology to work with.

Hope this helps!


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I work with a First-Grade child who is very inquisitive and, 
bright and eager to learn.  I would like to give him access to 
electronic books in braille.  What would be the most economical, 
simple set-up for him to start out with?

Any ideas gratefully received!

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