[nobe-l] Question regarding ABA

Angela Dehart angela.c.dehart at gmail.com
Tue Jul 17 00:41:21 UTC 2018

Hello everyone! 
I am currently a special education teacher entering into my fifth year of teaching. I currently teach at a school that specializes in educational and behavioral supports for students on the autism spectrum and/or related developmental disabilities. Our foundations and practices are based in ABA (applied behavioral analysis). I recently started coursework for my masters degree in ABA and am hoping to sit for my board exam once I complete my courses. I am looking to make contact with anyone who is also in this specific field of study or whom already has obtained their BCBA or BCaBA that is also blind. This may be futile, but I figured I had to start somewhere and I might as well start here! Please feel free to email me off list if you have any information or know of anyone that may be able to assist in my search. My email address is angela.c.dehart at gmail.com 

Thanks in advance! 

Angela Dehart 

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