[nobe-l] Looking for Suggestions: Moon Project for Next Year's BELL Program

Tina Hansen th404 at comcast.net
Sun Jul 22 23:35:34 UTC 2018

Since next year is the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, the first ever moon
landing, I thought about doing something around that as part of our state's
BELL program next year. However, I'm not sure what would be a
goodpresentation. I have a general idea of what I want to do, to somehow
recount the story of that landing, but I don't want to have the students
just sit and read or hear something about it. I also know that I want to
find models of the command and lunar modules as well as the Saturn 5 rocket
so they can look at them. However, that's about all I know. We're not sure
if we're doing the version for ages 4-12 or ages 11-18. We have a lot of
unknowns, so we're looking for ideas. Do any of you have suggestions on what
our team might do? Who might we contact for help? Where might I get
marerials? My team and I are clueless and are looking for any ideas you
might be able to give us. Thanks.

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