[nobe-l] Needing info quickly from blind teachers and other professionals

nmpbrat at aol.com nmpbrat at aol.com
Sun Oct 7 04:59:45 UTC 2018

Hi all,
I am passing along a message of importance, trying to get it out to the masses (these happen to be a couple of the lists I'm on)  Even if this does not directly apply to you, maybe you know someone that it does.  I just saw this message posted from a friend.  Please pass on.  The info is needed very quickly...like in the next couple days!!  Thanks!  Nicole

I’m hoping to talk to blind teachers, preferably secondary school teachers, about their experiences in terms of requesting and receiving accommodations, as well as any challenges they have encountered in their profession. I am also interested in talking to any blind professionals about their experience getting large print as an accommodation from their employer. I’m on a bit of a deadline, so any response by next week would be very welcome.
Contact Abby Graber: AGraber at browngold dot com . (email address spelled out to keep the spambots away)

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