[nobe-l] Integrating our Apollo 11 Presentation into the BELL Program

Tina Hansen th404 at comcast.net
Thu Mar 14 18:47:29 UTC 2019

As you may know, my team and I are working  on a presentation and lesson
plan to recognize the Apollo 11 anniversary during our state's BELL program.


I've been thinking about ways to somehow bring in the NFB philosophy and
find ways to help the students relate to what we're showing them.


Last year, when we did our Mount Everest presentation, Eric Weihenmeyer was
an obvious starting point. Thanks to that, the lesson became more about his
climb and less about Everest.


Here, though, we're not sure how to build that bridge. We still need to
recount the story and give them the history of what happened, and we're also
planning on doing some of our experiments. However, we need to find a way to
bring the NFB philosophy in and make this more relatable to the students. We
want to inspire them, not just relate an event that to them seems distant.


Does anyone have suggestions on how we can do that? Thanks.

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