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Luis Cruz luisraincanada at gmail.com
Fri May 17 03:05:34 UTC 2019

Hi sarah

thank yo very much for the information.
actually, I would like to do a different kind of online teaching, the
kind of teaching that is done on these sites like ITalki. that is,
online classes through video conference, more like tutoring. You have
a profile on these websites, set your schedule acording to your
preferences and students book classes acording to the schedule you set
up. However I don't know if those tools for managing your classes and
profits are accessible to screen readers. For delivering classes, some
of these companies use Skype, which I know is accessible, but some of
them use their own tools, which might not be accessible.
so I would like if someone has experience with this kind of online teaching.

thank you very much again

2019-04-05 22:31 GMT-05:00, sarah--- via NOBE-L <nobe-l at nfbnet.org>:
> Hi Luis.
> I am not familiar with any of these sites. I am teaching at the university
> level using Canvas. I have developed my courses from the ground up using
> HTML. If you are working with sites that do not use standard courseware,
> e.g. Canvas, Moodle, etc, you will have to test accessibility yourself. If
> the site is accessible to you, you can show text on-screen and you will need
> to develop a method for doing this that works for you. I tell students in my
> opening lectures that I am blind and that they are welcome to ask questions.
> In my situation, I feel that this is a vital piece of info. I am teaching
> Hebrew and Greek, and the characters are very different from English. If the
> students are confused by diacritics, sometimes they ask by saying "the one
> that looks like the sideways comma" and I have to know what that is.
> I am happy to talk further if you wish.
> Sarah Blake LaRose
> sarah at sarahblakelarose.com
> http://www.sarahblakelarose.com
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> Hello there
> My name is Luis Cruz.
> I got a bachelor’s in linguistics last year. It was mainly Spanish
> linguistics. I’m interested in the language teaching field. I’m planning to
> study a master’s degree in language teaching. However, I’d like to get a job
> before that, in order to get some experience and money.
> So I’d like to teach through internet. I know a few people (sighted) who are
> teaching English from their home. So I thought it could be convenient for
> me. I’d teach mainly Spanish, which is my native language, and maybe in the
> future also English, my L2.
> Therefore, I’d like to know if someone has experience teaching foreign
> languages through internet.
> I want to know:
> Which websites are the most accessible, the most convenient for a totally
> blind teacher? To get students, payments and the like. For
> example: Italki, Verbling, Verbalplanet… What are some technicques that you
> could share? How do you introduce yourself to your student and inform
> him/her that you’re blind? What tools do you use for your lessons? How do
> you show text to them? What do you do to replace visual communication? I
> mean, since we can’t see, if we have trouble to understand something that
> the student is trying to say, but doesn’t know the words, we can’t ask the
> her/him to try to explain it with body language.
> I’m might be asking silly questions, but I have 0 experience with this.
> Currently I’m teaching basic English to the blind. And I taught Spanish to
> sighted people during my degree.
> Thanks in advance for your help
> Best regards
> Luis Cruz
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