[NOBE-L] Working as a preschool teacher

Jewel Cox herekittykat97 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 18 17:36:51 UTC 2019

Hi everyone,
I have not written in this group in a loooong time. For those who
don't know me, and that's probably a lot of you, I'm Jewel. I was a
live-in nanny in my 20's before I lost my sight, and now I am ready to
go back to school to become an early childhood educator to work in a
preschool. But I have a lot of worries about how I would do the
job...keeping up with the kids, helping them learn, observing them,
filling out forms, etc. If someone who works in a preschool setting
cold write to me, I'd be very grateful because this is really on my
mind lately. I start school in January for a 2-year degree in Early
Childhood Education, but I'm worried it will be a useless degree, that
no one will hire me and that I'll ave wasted my time and resources.
Please someone write me and reassure me that this job can be done by a
blind person and share your experiences of how it can be done!
Thank you,

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