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Hi Jackie,
I would suggest contacting your cooperating teacher as soon as you know your placement and ask if you can go visit the classroom ASAP. This will help you get familiar with the school and think about things you will need to label in braille, etc. Ask for descriptions of fire drill exits, tornado shelter locations, lockdown drill procedures, etc. You will need to be clear on those so that you can confidently lead students through those drills. This will likely be your responsibility if you are teaching when it happens.

Be very transparent with your cooperating teacher about what you need. Give them a chance to ask you questions as well. On my first couple days, I also gave the students a chance to ask me questions. I spent time showing them the technology I would be using, explaining how my cane works, etc. I found that being very open and using class time for this made the students much more comfortable with me and saved us time in the long run. Think about explaining what you will need right away - what should students do when they have a question for you if you can't see their hand? 

Ask your cooperating teacher for copies of their seating charts. Try to memorize these quickly so you are confident with names and where students are in the room without needing to stop to look this up.

I hope this helps you come up with more ideas. Everything you mentioned is a great idea as well. I just did my student teaching last fall and graduated in December so it's still fresh in my mind. Feel free to email me anytime if there's anything I can do to help you.

Chase Crispin

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Hello all,
I am looking for any tips you all might have about how to make my student teaching experience the best it can be? I want to make sure I’m successful in my two placements this coming semester so am looking for any advice you all might have from your experiences.
Here are some ideas I have about making it a success:
Communicate with the teacher as early as possible (depending on when my state gets me my placement of course as they have been known to get these out late) Prepare my own lesson materials as much as possible as most materials are not accessible since they’re pictures Ask about technology used in the classroom as some are not accessible such as seesaw Braille student names for attendance tracking Make computer data sheets, student lists, and any other important information Thanks in advance, Jackie _______________________________________________
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