[NOBE-L] Google slides

Catherine Mendez caitryl at gmail.com
Sun Aug 22 04:36:45 UTC 2021

i used Google slides almost exclusively last year. I used a combination of Jaws and screen magnification software.  If you don’t have Jaws, you could probably use Zoomtext with NVDA, which is available for free online. If you need to check your font size, select the text you want, then click on the pulldown menu on the right hand side above your slide display, and you can set the font.  Make sure that you are showing the full set of Controls at the top of the screen. On my computer, the key command is control shift F.  With that toolbar enabled, you can readily check your font size, text color, highlighting, and other settings.

Cayte Mendez
President, National Organization of Blind Educators, A division of the National Federation of the Blind

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