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Fri Jul 17 14:06:05 UTC 2009

I love that.  Thanks, JW.  The truth is a hard thing to find in today's
world.  I'm glad this girl, at least, decided to find out for herself if the
junk she's been hearing about the NFB was true or not.

I still remember when I began reading the Holy Bible for myself.  I found
tons of stuff and heard myself exclaiming over and over again, "Hey!  that's
not what I've been hearing all my life that the Bible supposedly says!"  So
many things get warped and twisted, when passed along.  Seriously, it's
amazing on both fronts - and I'm sure many others - what you find out is the
truth, when you take the time to find the actual, factual truth about a
thing.  Be it the NFB, the Holy Bible, or ???

Thanks for sharing that bit of good news, sir.

Strive On!

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With the efforts of one of the NFBWV's visually impaired college students,
Jennifer Heath, and the streaming of the national convention, West
Virginia now has another member, Kerri, who is a visually impaired college
student.  Some of us have talked with Kerri from time-to-time, but she
just wasn't interested in the NFB.  We didn't even realize Jennifer was
friends with her.  After the national convention, Jennifer called Kerri to
ask her if she wanted company for a few days.  While Jennifer was at
Kerri's apartment, they called me on the speaker phone, and I got to talk
with Kerri and dispel many of her misconceptions about the NFB.  Kerri
also mentioned that she has been checking out our national website and
from what she was reading realized that some of what she heard must not be
true.  Kerri also stated that she listened to the national convention via
streaming, and was very inspired.  I am so pleased that everything came
together just right for Kerri to change her mind about

Charlene Smyth
NFBWV President

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