[Ohio-talk] Speaking of 'Bowling for the Blind' - The ABBA Would Like to Create A League In the Akron, Ohio Area

Everett Gavel e.gavel at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jul 22 15:39:40 UTC 2009

Thanks for forwarding that message, JW.

Speaking of bowling for the blind, the following note is of interest to
anyone in the Greater Akron, Northeast Ohio area:

"Attention Bowlers - Are you interested in bowling full-time in a sanctioned
league?  The American Blind Bowling Association (ABBA) has over 1,500
members in leagues across America.

(The) ABBA would like to create a league in the Akron area. The league is
open to all blind, legally blind and sighted men and women over 17 years
old. If you, or a friend, are interested, please contact Sam Moats. Phone:

Note:  There are already ABBA leagues in Cleveland and Canton (both in
Northeast Ohio).  If you'd like to get involved in either of those, or be a
part of the one starting in Akron, give Sam a call, and he can help you.

Contact Sam today!  Let's get bowling rolling in Akron, Ohio!

Strive On!

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> fyi
> Dr. J. Webster Smith
> President National Federation of the Blind of Ohio
> "Changing What it Means to be Blind"
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>       Hello--
>       Here's this week's article on accessible recreation for the blind.
>       Please read, recommend, ad-click, and forward to those whom you
think might find it interesting.

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