[Ohio-talk] Virginia Mann and megabus.com

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I used Megabus only once and had a wonderful experience with it!  I took it 
from Cincinnati to Columbus and back.  I have talked to people who have used 
it frequently and love it.  THe only difficulty with it that I found was 
that it leaves at very inconvenient times for some trips -- in my case, 4:30 
a.m. and 10:30 p.m.  The stops I used were perfectly safe, so I'm not sure 
what the unsafe reference was about.  In Cincinnati, it stops in the heart 
of downtown and in Columbus it stops on the Ohio State campus as well as 
The buses are beautiful -- new, charter-type buses and clean.  THe way it 
works is that the farther in advance you schedule, the cheaper it is --  
starting with fares at about $1!

Guess it's one of those things where you'll have to just find out for 
yourself.  Oh, and my experience with the drivers was also excellent.  They 
were kind and courteous.

Good luck!

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Hi Everyone,

Virginia is in Lake West Hospital again.  She went in Thursday night with 
chest pains. The doctor doesn't think she had a heart attack this time, but 
he's keeping her in the hospital until Monday, when they will do dialysis in 
order to rule out the possibility of heart attack.  They're also going to do 
a scope on Monday to see if the lining of her intestines is completely 
healed from the ulcer.  They also found cellulitis in the side of her leg, 
the same leg where she had the infection in her foot a couple of months ago. 
She has a phone in the room, and the number is 440-918-6357.

Has anyone heard of or had experience with a service called megabus.com?  I 
was thinking of using it to get to the convention in Detroit.  A sighted 
friend has used the service several times and thinks it's good.  The price 
is lower than than with Greyhound, and you go directly to the bus stop in 
the city where you are traveling, without stops along the way.  On one hand, 
I think I should try it since it's lower cost and direct service to Detroit 
(though not to the hotel); on the other hand, I'd like to know if more 
people have had good experiences before I try it.

Finally, I'd like to tell you about a diabetic support group of blind people 
on internet radio.  I've not tried it because I don't get on the internet, 
but in case someone would like to try it, here is the information.

It's called Diabetes Round Table and is heard on Saturdays at 11:30 A.M. 
Eastern Standard Time.  Go to www.cjoyinternetradio.com, or call 
309-946-5300, code 990551 (not tollfree).  You'd go to the internet site if 
you just want to listen, you'd call the number if you don't have internet or 
would like to talk on the round table discussion.  It's a diabetic support 
group where you can talk one-on-one, an informal group of blind diabetics.
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