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>I want to begin this update by wishing you all a happy White Cane Safety
> Week.  For those of you that have been in the NFB for more than 2 or 3
> minutes, you are aware of this special week.  For those of you who are new
> to all of this, I'm sorry that I did not give you an earlier heads up 
> about
> it. This is typically the week (15th-26nd) that we find ways to highlight
> the independence of people who are blind and the significant role that the
> white cane plays in this endeavor. It's not too late for you or your
> chapter to take advantage of this opportunity, so be creative. By the way,
> as I write this it is 81 degrees outside and sunny.
> Board Meeting Minutes
> Attached to and enclosed with this update are the minutes of the April 
> 25th
> board meeting in Columbus.  It is clear that we had a lot to talk about 
> and
> I'm pleased that we had good involvement, especially from our committees.
> Special thanks should go to our secretary, Deborah Kendrick, and of course
> it's always good to have the watchful eyes of Barbara Pierce. It is not
> easy preparing these minutes, and so I want to again personally convey to
> Deborah and Barbara my deepest appreciation for their efforts. We are
> indeed blessed to have them in our affiliate.
> The Newsletter
> The good news is that the print version is out and Barbara Pierce has done
> her usual remarkable job.  The bad news is that the CD version will
> probably not be mailed out for at least a week.  When I took it to the
> office on campus that did it last time I was told that it might take a few
> days.  This was on Thursday and as I write this on Friday, I just received
> a call telling me that they were backed up with another project and that
> they could not get to it for another week. While this is frustrating, I
> think we really don't have any other alternative at this point because 
> they
> did such a good job last time I would hesitate to try and find someone
> else, and of course there aren't very many choices in this area for this
> type of work.  Be patient and be advised that this issue required 2 disks,
> so look for them in your packets. I am pleased to tell you, however, that
> this version has been set-up so that you can skip to the particular
> articles you want to read by tracks. It is frustrating when print gets 
> done
> before Braille or audio, but such is life sometimes, right?
> The Website
> I know that some of you are frustrated with the current status of our
> affiliate website.  Please be patient with us and understand that we are
> investigating ways to address your concerns.  I am confident that once we
> have acquired the necessary knowledge and expertise, we will develop a
> website that will make all of us proud. I have asked Barbara Pierce to
> oversee this process, and until she tells me differently, I am confident
> that we will reach our goal.  If our current plan does not eventually 
> work,
> we will do whatever we have to to ensure that we have the most effective
> website possible. Keep in mind that the maintenance of a website is 
> equally
> as important as its development. I hope to be able to report to you sooner
> than later significant progress in this area, because I know how important
> a tool an effective website can be in the 21st century.
> Convention Matters
> 1. Our caucus will be held on Sunday July 5th from 5:30 to 6:30pm in the
> LaSalle B Room on level 5 of the Marriott Hotel. If you cannot be there,
> make sure to get your signed banquet ticket to Crystal McClain for the
> exchange if you want to sit with the rest of us.
> 2. Make sure to contact Crystal again at mcmclain at charter.net and make
> arrangements for your seat on the bus and to pay your $20 deposit.  You 
> may
> also call her at 937-935-6188.  I will publish the bus schedule in the 
> next
> update, but remember it leaves from Cincinnati on the 2nd at 2pm, making
> stops in Dayton and Toledo, arriving in Detroit at about 8pm at night. The
> return trip will begin at 8am on the 9th, making the same stops in 
> reverse.
> 3. If you need to make a room reservation for the convention, you will 
> need
> to use the overflow hotel, which is the Courtyard.  My understanding is
> that it's located right next to the Marriott and you would call the same
> number to make your reservation, 800-266-9432.
> 4. We will be selling candy this year (strictly plain and peanut M&Ms).
> Once again, Cindy Conley has done her usual wonderful job in finding us an
> attractive vendor. She found the bus for us, and now the candy. Thank you
> so much Cindy. Stay tuned for instructions about where to get your candy
> and other logistical issues. Cindy Conley and Richard Payne will be 
> heading
> up this effort.
> I will be mailing out letters soon to those of you who made convention
> assistance requests.  If you requested help with your hotel rooms, I have
> taken care of those, and will take care of others at the appropriate time.
> This is the case concerning convention registration and banquet as well. I
> do want to stress that it is important that you understand that you should
> attend as many convention events as possible, and especially if you are
> requesting convention assistance.  We will have a lot of fun at this
> convention, but it's also about work and serious matters as well. I really
> want to have as many members in our delegation as possible for each 
> general
> session. Finally, we will have several newcomers with us this year, and
> let's keep thinking about ways to welcome them and be available for them
> throughout the convention. It can be an overwhelming experience, 
> especially
> for first timers.  I think we will try to have our own kind of
> get-acquainted opportunity with these first timers, so stay tuned. 
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