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Good Morning
This is a  bit late but here are the instructions for the phone campaign.


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Hello Everyone!


Thank you all for helping us reach out and encourage our marchers!  Below are the guidelines we've created in order to help our efforts go smoothly on Thursday (or Saturday if you're in Colorado).  Attached is the calling list, broken out by affiliate for distribution at your discretion.  Also attached are the funds raised by the teams for your reference, in case those you are speaking with have received donations for their team instead of individually.  If you have any questions regarding this information, please let us know.


Calling Instructions:


Begin by calling the first person on your list and using the script (also attached) as a guide for discussion.  Remember, we are calling our friends and colleagues. We need to be incredibly upbeat, charming, and happy! Don't get upset if anyone says they don't want to talk with you. We are reaching out with kindness. If you reach voicemail, simply explain that this is a reminder call from your National Federation of the Blind colleagues reminding you that the March for Independence is coming up very soon. We are simply calling to encourage you to make an extra effort to reach your personal goal.


If someone has questions about the Web site, such as usernames, passwords, emailing, and personalizing their content, feel free to forward the call to Kristian Kuhnke (410-659-9314 x2371).


If Kristian is unavailable, take the person's information (name, phone/email, and question) and email it to Kristian (kkuhnke at nfb.org) or Kristi Bowman (kbowman at nfb.org) so that they can follow-up.  Let them know that someone will be following up with them soon regarding their question(s).


For questions on how to fundraise, direct them to the information in the toolkit on the website.


If the person you are speaking with has not contacted anyone to sponsor them, encourage them to do so.  Also encourage those that have made contacts to follow-up where needed.  The March is coming very soon and we need to get in donations as quickly as possible to make sure they are credited for this year's campaign!


If the person you are speaking with would like to send donations, give them the address 1800 Johnson Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21230.  Make sure they write their name and the March for Independence with the donation so that they will be properly credited.  They can also use the website, or email Kristian or Kristi to donate by credit card.


For material requests, email the name and information needed (cards, brochures, etc.) to Kristian.


Please address all questions and note any follow-up items before ending the call.  Once the call is finished, move on to the next person on your calling list.  At the end of the calling session make sure all follow-up items have been communicated to their recipients.


Last but not least, thank you again for all your help! You are making a GREAT difference today! Good luck and have fun!


All the best,


Kevan, Kristi, and Kristian

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