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If you are on this list and have not been contacted please review and act accordingly.

If you'd like to be added tell me or Mrs. Maurer and it will be done.

In any case, take your assignment very seriously and show up please?


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Subject: Independence Market Workers in Your State

Dear J.W.:


I am attaching for you a copy of the letter I have sent to each individual in your state who is scheduled to work in the Independence market at the convention along with a list giving each individual's specific assignments.  For a few individuals we do not have contact information.  The list indicates who those people are.  Please specifically contact these particular people to review their assignments and confirm to Patricia Maurer either that the assignment is OK or that changes are needed. 


            It would also be very helpful for you to make contact with all of the others (those we were able to send materials to directly) to encourage them to be certain that they can serve as scheduled.  You will note that I have asked each of them to make an affirmative response to Mrs. Maurer regarding their assignments.  Although we do a good job with the Market, we have more "no shows" than we should, and I am hoping that a little more effort at confirming schedules before we get to convention will make things run more smoothly.


            I am not repeating in this letter all of the general information I gave in the letter to each individual, so please study it for those details.  


I know that your workload as a State President is already heavy and that this request adds to it.  So I thank you for all you do and for absorbing yet one more task.


Looking forward to another super convention and to seeing each of you then.




(Mrs.) Mary Ellen Jernigan

Executive Director for Operations and

Chairwoman, Convention Organization and Activities

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