[Ohio-talk] A Few Reminders

Dr. Smith jwsmithnfb at verizon.net
Fri May 29 11:35:43 UTC 2009

1 When you get your CD version of the Newsletter it will contain 2 disks.

2 Sunday the 31st is the last day to preregister for the Convention in Detroit.

3 If you are riding the bus from Cincinnati, Dayton or Toledo you need to contact Crystal McClain at mcmcclain at charter.net or 937.935.6188 and make arrangements to get your name on the seat reserve list and to pay your 20 dollars to hole that seat until you arive and then you will get your money back.

4 We will have candy this year so I want everyone to watch for information from Richard Payne or Cindy Conley about when and where to pick up your candy.

5 Our affiliate Caucus will be from 5/30 to 6/30 on Sunday July 5th in the LaSalle B room on Level 5 of the Convention hotel.


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