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J.W. Smith, President

NFB of Ohio 



Dear J.W.,

Prodigy® has just received FDA approval for the Prodigy® Count-A-Dose® product which will be ready for release early April 2010. This medical device allows a blind or vision impaired person with diabetes to fill an insulin syringe independently without assistance. Insulin therapy will cost a lot less with Count-A-Dose® versus using insulin pens and prefilled reservoirs! In early April 2010 the Prodigy® Count-A-Dose® can be purchased at specialty stores serving the blind and vision impaired. 


As you know, Prodigy® is the only manufacturer in the diabetes industry to respond to the challenge of producing a fully accessible talking glucose meter system, the Prodigy VoiceT, which offers a blind or low vision user total independence.  Prodigy® is honored to be the only company to receive National Access Awards from both the National Federation of the Blind and the American Foundation for the Blind for our Prodigy VoiceTM. As Prodigy's goal is to serve blind patients with diabetes, much of our profit goes back into research & development. This year, we plan to release more new audible products to serve the blind and vision impaired community.


Would you ask your members to help us make Prodigy® products available through retail chain stores and to be covered by private insurance carriers as well as Medicare/Medicaid? Our goal is for Team Prodigy® to get 100,000 blind and vision impaired people to sign up and work together so that our voice cannot be ignored. Accessibility is a right that all people deserve!  Beginning March 1, 2010 Prodigy® will have our website www.prodigymeter.com set up for you to easily enter your name and become a part of a strong and growing movement for the blind that will be heard! 


Look for news coming soon about more Prodigy® products for the blind. 


Please contact me or Bernadette Jacobs at 410-455-5311 or bandbjacobs at verizon.net with any questions you may have. 


Here to Help, 



Jerry Munden (Living well with Type I for 30+ years ... and you can too!) 

Vice President of Business Development

Prodigy Diabetes Care, LLC

9300 Harris Corners Parkway, Suite 450

Charlotte, NC 28269

Phone: 704-285-6454   Fax: 704-285-6495

Email: jerrym at prodigymeter.com






Prodigy® Wins National Access Awards from the NFB & AFB!


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