[Ohio-talk] Scrip ordering

Carol purplecakers at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 1 01:48:04 UTC 2012

Hello all
As Shelbi mentioned, we will be placing our order next week due to the Scrip company being closed this week. During this past week we have added two more people to our Scrip family to place orders. Debbie Baker & Mike Wood of Freedom Scientific! We would love to add YOU to our "family" of supporters. We need our Leaders to be Leaders in this program, so others will follow in our fundraising efforts. By ordering your cards each month and using them in place of cash for your purchases, you are donating money to our state treasury to enable future projects & convention assistance.  The more people who actively participate, the more money we make! You still have time to get signed up & mail a check for  April's order if you do it by Wednesday. If you need help signing up, you can contact Eric. 
I will forward the instructions that our Capital chapter President, Beth reposted to guide folks with sign up. Who is ready to get signed up?
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